Présentation des artistes

 Linda Bos

Born (in the Netherlands in 1982) with a pencil in her hand, Linda always knew she wanted to work in the creative field. After graduating from the Design Academy Eindhoven (NL) in 2005, she moved to Luxembourg to start career as a graphic designer and illustrator. 
She partnered up with Runa Egilsdottir beginning 2018 under the name A DESIGNERS' COLLECTIVE.

About the artwork
Being a mother myself, I was very pleased to get asked to design the stamp for the 100th anniversary of the Luxembourg Association of Midwives. I believe their role in supporting natural birth is very important and I appreciate to be able to contribute to this important topic.

The design shows a woman giving birth in an upright (natural) position. She is being supported by a midwife (on the left) and her partner,friend or family member (on the right). The woman is not entirely visible; it is like we get to peek at the intimate event of giving birth. The colours are powerful, representing the female body during child birth. The leaves are those of the 'lady's mantle'; an Important medicinal plant of midwifery.

Le photographe de notre exposition

Raymond Clement

born in 1944 in Luxembourg, has been a photographer since almost 50 years. His black and white portraits of famous jazz musicians from the Seventies are internationally appreciated. Photo exhibitions with large-format pictures in Europe and the United States were the next step. In 1980 his first volume of photographs was published by "Nouvelles Editions Parisiennes". Raymond Clement then uses the big size panoramic format, in particular the 8x10 wooden viewcamera. Today he goes digital,too